The Railway Children

Another show I designed for The Rose Youth Theatre was The Railway Children in March 2018. For this period piece I hired and also made a lot of the costumes so that I was able to keep to the Victorian style of dress. A lot of the designs are similar to those that were used in the film as I wanted the audience to identify characters easily. I did experiment and change colourways for the three principle children so that I could highlight certain aspects of their personalities through their costumes.

As with all of the Youth theatre shows, there are a vast amount of children that play the same characters. Managing the budget whilst wanting to stick to the Victorian era was quite tricky when the cast was so large. I had to be extremely organised and work out who would be able to wear the same costumes from show to show and alter them accordingly every day. Although this was time consuming by doing this I was able to stay within budget and put together costumes that I felt suited the play and was pleased by the overall look of the cast.

Photography By: Simon Adrians – Tangle Photography (uk)

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